• Wall-hung boiler Unical OSA S 35


Wall hung, extra thin, low NOx, room sealed, condensing gas boiler with electronic ignition and continuous modulation, with DHW production. Front panel in different colours. Registered design

  • Thanks to U-Fly, the integral disappearing control console, connected to the room and outdoor temperature sensors, reaches, in heating mode, the seasonal efficiency class A+
  • Low NOx class 5
  • Heat exchanger / Condenser in aluminium /silicon / magnesium Total premix burner, with constant combustion ratio, completely electronic (both, gas valve and modulating fan)
  • Ignition and electronic flame control through single electrode
  • Modulation ratio 1:8
  • Automatic feed-back of the combustion through the electrode (that monitors constantly the quality of the combustion)
  • DHW heat exchanger in antiscaling stainless steel, with 12 plates (x 24 kW) and 14 plates (x 35 kW), with “thermal length” optimized for the condensation
  • Adjustment of output according to heating request
  • HWS “Hot Water Speed” electronic function: commutation from heating to DHW mode without stopping the pump
  • Management of 2 zones: high / low temperature, with differentiated priority
  • Clever hydraulic filling of the C.H. system (able to indicate possible leakages)
  • Electronic antifreeze function from 5°C
  • Multigas burner (Natural gas or LPG) with silplified commutation
  • Up-gradable through type USB interface
  • High efficiency pump, complying with the Erp Directive 2015, modulating according to the output request, managed by the on board electronics
  • Connection for diagnostics and programming through computer or portable Programmer
  • Two expansion vessels (10 liters total)
  • Inspection system of the burner and heat exchanger cleaning through quick release clampings
  • Standard supplied in “black” colour
  • Registered Design and Trade Mark


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Wall-hung boiler Unical OSA S 35

  • 11,590 LEI

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