Fans for pellet and gasification boilers

Fans for pellet and gasification boilers

   We offer fans / motors for pellet and wood gasification boilers

   Most of these fans are products of Germany and are delivered via Fan Courier along with invoice, guarantee certificate and electrical details documentation.

   In the delivery box you will find: motor (250 Cdgrs resistant), INOX turbine, silicon cable and condenser.

   Among the brands that use these kind of fans we can mention: Junkers (Supraclass Excellence, Supraclass SW, SAW), BOSCH (KRS, SOLID 5000 WT, SOLID 6000), Buderus (LOGANO S 121, 121-2, 151, 171), Viessmann (VITOLIGNO 100s, Vitoligno 150s, VITOLIG 150), Atmos (C, DC), Dakon (KP Pyro, NP Pyro), Gilles (HVK, HVK-L), Hoval (Agrolyt, Ventolyt),  Herz (firestar, firestar lambda), Ferroli (DP, DP Pro, FG, CGF), Vigas, Unical (GASOGEN, AIREX, Firex, Novairex, Leniadens, Turbogen), Termofarc (FI GS, FI NS, FI MIXT), Thermostahl (MCL, MCL BIO, MCL N, Pyro, Pyrogas, Combistar, Ecowood), Ramson, Orlan, Orligno, Pyrocal, Lamborghini (CGL), Ladan, Maga, Megatherm (MT), Integra (ITG), Vision (OG, BW A), Attack (DP Standard, DP Profi, DPX, SLX, WP), Stark, Irleh (SM, Plus), Wolf, Woody, Astra, D'Alessandro, DCM Caldaie, Sunsystem Burnit Pyroburn (Pb alpha, Pb lambda), WBS Active, SHT, SHT (Thermosolid VN, Thermocomfort PDA, Thermodual TDA), Edilkamin, Cetik (Eko), Emtas (EK3G, EKY/3K), Ewo, Froling, Gobe, Maga, Modratherm, Pereko, HDG Bavaria, BVG, Solarbayer HVS, MAK Confort, Komforttherm Forte, Heiss, Windhager (Logwin, Duowin), Gobe Soliterm, Hargassner, Broetje, Defro, Dunatech (plus F), Erensan (NA.K), Heiztech, Opop Ecomax, Radijator (TKAN), Ullmann, Vedolux, Viadrus, Proburner, SSP, Imack, Faci, etc.

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